Our Unique Approach to Aging, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia

Our mission is to keep seniors strong and families together. Most elder care is based on managing symptoms and accepting decline as the inevitable process of aging. Through purposeful programming, we are able to help older seniors and those with dementia or Alzheimer’s improve their physical and cognitive health. Our stimulating social environment helps combat senior depression. Being proactive instead of reactive gives families a sense of empowerment and control that is often times lost during the aging process.

A few key components of Aiken Active Seniors’ program that fosters a positive environment for seniors are:

Engaging programs, not just a daycare or sitter service

Club atmosphere generates the feeling of acceptance and belonging

Opportunities to help others in the community gives all of our seniors a sense of purpose

Interactive physical fitness keeps our seniors strong while aging

Proven nonmedical approaches improve quality of life

Much less expensive than in-home and facility care so the family’s financial burden is lessened

Participation prevents or delays family separation due to admission to a skilled nursing or assisted living facility

Social environment allows us to treat members like people, not patients

About Our Award-Winning Center

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Aiken Active Seniors' beautiful 2,600 square foot club features a "Friend's House" atmosphere which allows everyone to feel at home while enjoying all of our amenities:

Two welcoming living rooms with room for socialization and exercise

Dining areas and Craft tables

Game Central featuring several game tables and an extensive selection of fun games

Interactive Game Room and Library

Comfortable, outdoor oasis with garden area

Spacious Indoor Walking Track with seating throughout

Indoor gardening area in our sunny atrium